Naked Flock

Naked Flock 'Currant Saison' Hard Cider 4-12oz Cans
"Naked Flock's cider blended with tart Hudson Valley Currants. Naked Flock is a true Hudson Valley Hard Cider, crafted for people who crave unique flavor and are on the hunt for quality." Producer's Notes
Item Number: 27667
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Naked Flock 'Citra Hopped' Cider
Please note this is a 700mL bottle, which is smaller than a regular 750mL bottle!
"Naturally fermented from fresh pressed Hudson Valley Apples, not concentrate. It is unpasteurized with no colorants, malts, spirits or grape alcohol added. Fermented with Champagne yeast and flavored with Citra hops." ~Producer's Notes
Item Number: 26785
Case: $83.88
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Naked Flock 'Draft' Hard Cider 4-12oz Cans
"Fermented from fresh Hudson Valley Apples with Belgian Trappist Ale Yeast. No Malts, grape spirits, flavorings or colorings added. Naturally gluten free. It's a full flavored cider without compromise." ~Producer's Notes
Item Number: 26784
Case: $59.70
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