Polka Dot

Polka Dot 'Sweet' Riesling 2011
" Pölka dot Sweet Riesling is perfect for those who crave something a little sweet. Your senses will come full circle when you take in the floral aromas and soft flavors of pear and nectarine. This well-balanced, easy-to-enjoy Riesling will remind you why you're a Riesling fan in the first place.

Polka dot 'Crisp' Riesling 2010
"Pölka dot Crisp Riesling hits the spot for those who want to dabble in dry. It boasts crisp acidity and flavors of green apple, lime and citrus. Dig deeper into this white delight and you'll uncover a balanced, semi-dry Riesling with mineral notes and just a dot of sweetness. Need a good food