Pratello Mille Uno 2014
" The taste in the mouth is a "sheer bliss" recalling cherries, blackberries, currants even though the morainic strawberry stands out among them for its final silky softness taste. It has a strong balance (sweet, salty, bitter and sour) as well as its fruit wholeness that does not show any
Item Number: 26510

Pratello 'Organic' Riesling 2015
" It is a wine that goes with white dishes, both meat and fish dishes as well as "smoked" dishes such as risotto with smoked cheese and bacon, and similar dishes. It pairs well with meat with cream such as escalope with cheese, sliced meat with tomato sauce, chicken with green olives, hare with

Pratello 'Organic' Riesling 2014
This 100% Organic Riesling on first visible inspection is golden yellow and straw in color. The nose is a shot of exotic scents of mango, melon, white elderberry with a hint of jasmine and sweet minerality. The mouth feel is like a silk cloth, cool and pleasurable. It finishes long and smooth.