At Requiem we take a scientific and biodynamic approach to the ecological whole of the vineyard, where the quality of wine depends not only on the grapevines, but the interdepent relationship between of all the flora, fauna, and the soil, an organism in its own right.

Biodynamic farming calls for intense attention to be paid to all aspects in the vineyard. We complement this approach with a serious scientific appoach to measuring all aspects of the ripening process, only harvesting when the tannic properties, sweetness and acidity are just right.

Biodynamics as a winemaking philosophy involves aligning our agricultural process to the spiritual forces of the cosmos. The Requiem vineyards are blessed with fantastic summer thunderstorms, which provide both needed nourishment and a show from above. We'd like to think of it as being tapped in.

Blending the spiritual and the scientific into the perfect storm: Requiem.

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Requiem Cabernet Sauvignon 2016
"This very distinguished, super stylish Cabernet Sauvignon was grown biodynamically in Washington's Columbia Valley. Densely layered and quite substantial in the mouth, this bottling delivers generous blackberry and black currant fruit, wrapped around a vibrant core of acidity which keeps the wine
Item Number: 31693
Case: $197.40