Scott Campbell was born in New Orleans in 1977 and grew up in a rural fishing community on the Mississippi delta.

In his late teens, he moved to San Francisco and always having a proficiency for drawing, he began tattooing his friends out of his house. He got a shop in one of the oldest, grimiest shops in San Francisco where he learned an extensive vocabulary of superstitious symbols that continue to inform his artwork today.

Scott traveled around Europe and Asia, seeking inspiration and education from some of the best tattooers in the world. He arrived in New York and fell in love with the city. He opened Saved Tattoo in 2004 and it quickly grew to be one of the premiere tattoo shops, attracting a clientele of the most prominent figures in the fashion, art and Hollywood communities.

Scott is recognized as one of the most influential tattoo artists in the world and he has since expanded his artwork to a wide variety of mediums including graphite, watercolor paint, gold, eggshells and currency. His work is exhibited in some of the most important private and public art collections worldwide.

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