Shoreacre Wines

The Shoreacre Wine Company was founded in 2008 by Jeff Brown, a recent graduate of the College of Charlston in Charlston, South Carolina. Jeff's father, Greg Brown, has worked in the wine industry his whole life, eventually retiring to open a small wine shop in upstate New York.

As a family run business, Shoreacre Wines is dedicated to ensuring the highest quality wines for you and your family at a great price.

All Shoreacre Wines are produced in Lodi, California. Lodi lies in the northern portion of the California Central Valley. With it's excellent weather for growing grapes - warm days and cool nights - Lodi's reputation for producing great wines at reasonable prices is rapidly growing.

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Shore Acre 'Christmas' Cabernet NV
" The perfect gift for the wine lover on your Christmas List! "
Item Number: 17369

Shore Acre 'Peace on Earth' White Christmas Zinfandel
" Darker in color than most White Zinfandels, this wine is fruity and simple and with this label makes a great gift." ~ Winery notes
Item Number: 10569

Shore Acre 'Peace on Earth' Moscato 2016
" This white wine has a bright gold hue with aromas of peach, apricot and melon mixed with rose and honey. The crisp acidity is paired with fresh fruit flavors of cantaloupe, honey, peach and hints of citrus and green apple. " ~ Winery notes

Shoreacre Wines 'Rejoice' Riesling NV
" This Riesling is light to mediumbody, with a floral, very fruity character and an implicit, if not obvious, sweetness" ~Winery notes