Snap Dragon Winery

Founded in 1973 by Fred T., Joseph S. and John Franzia, Bronco Wine Company is a family-owned winery committed to growing, producing and selling the finest quality wines of the highest value to our customers. Bronco Wine Company's diverse family of brands is sold in over 90 countries worldwide in addition to being distributed throughout the United States. Bronco Wine Company has become a major vintage varietal wine source to the California wine industry and is currently the fifth largest winery and the largest vineyard owner in the United States. Our quest for quality begins with vineyard development and continues to grow into areas such as premium bulk wine contracts, research and development, brand development, brand marketing and national distribution. Bronco Wine Company is vertically integrated, from the vineyard to the table, focused on crafting wines for the American table.

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Snap Dragon Cabernet Sauvignon 2014
“ Our Snap Dragon Cabernet Sauvignon lives up to its big, bold reputation with heady aromas of black fruit and toasty oak spices. Juicy and rich, the palate delivers a generous serving of dark cherries and marionberry pie, layered with warm vanilla and rich baking spices. Smooth tannins hold the
Item Number: 29003
Case: $137.40
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Snap Dragon Winery Chardonnay 2014
Bright, tropical and fruit forward with delicious flavors of pineapple, passion fruit, and subtle oak notes.
Item Number: 8608
Case: $77.40

Snap Dragon Cabernet Sauvignon 2013
" Dark, juicy black fruit supported by ample oak and toasty brown spices. Like the legendary dragon for which it was named, this bold wine weaves intense black fruit, vanilla and spice through a well-balanced, well-structured core. " ~ Winery notes

Snap Dragon Winery Red 2008
"Raspberry, cherry and blackberry balanced with spicy oak and hints of toffee. Enjoy with barbecue, pizza or spicy dishes This Red Wine is a skillful balance of red varietals woven together in a complex and satisfying wine. Zinfandel characters dominate the aromas." ~ Winery notes