St. Urbans-hof

For our family, wine has been at the heart of life for generations. Our deep respect for the traditions of our region remains, as ever, the guarantee for the quality of our wines.
In our endeavours we give highest priority to maintaining the egological balance of our vineyards, in the belief that as winemakers we must recognize and respect the fragile unity of viticulture and nature.

St. Urbans-Hof employs traditional methods of wine growing and winemaking which have been used in the Mosel and Saar Valleys for centuries, some of which date back to the Romans. For example, the vines are grown on the traditional single-post 'Heart-binding' trellis system, whereby the canes are tied in the shape of a heart.

Also, organic fertilizers are utilized in order to maintain the natural balance of the soil. Most importantly, yields are kept at low levels in order to achieve intense and well-structured wines. For optimal flavour development, leaves are thinned and grapes are harvested as late as possible to allow for maximum ripening. All grapes are hand picked and carried from the vineyard in traditional shoulder-mounted containers called 'hotten' to ensure optimal fruit quality.

Just as important as the great length taken to deliver the best possible fruit from the vineyard is the careful attention given to the proper traetment of the grapes by cellarmaster Rudolf Hoffmann. The grapes are lightly crushed, after which they remain on the skins for a short period to ensure the complete release of aromas into the juice.

After this, the pulp of skins and juice is gently pressed and fermented in stainless steel tanks at cool cellar temperatures to fully capture the aromas, flavours and delicate natural spritz of the Riesling grape. The wines are then transferred into traditional 1000 litre 'Fuder' barrels for several months to harmonize, after which they are lightly filtered and bottled.

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St. Urbans-Hof 'Old Vine' Riesling 2017
“The St. Urbans-Hof Estate Riesling “From Old Vines” represents everything you can expect from a fine Riesling from Germany’s renowned Mosel Valley. It has the elegance and freshness that Riesling is known for plus the depth and finesse that only wines from old gnarly vines can have.”-Winemaker’s
Item Number: 30085
Case: $167.40

St. Urbans-Hof Riesling 'Old Vine' QBA 2016
91  Wine Spectator 
Wine Spectator 91 “A pure, well-sculpted, off-dry version, with persimmon, lime and slate flavors coating the palate. Hints of orchard blossom and herbs add to the complexity, making you reach for another sip. Drink now through 2024. 7,000 cases made.”—A.Z.  "This German Riesling from the Mosel

St.Urbans-Hof Piesport Goldtropfchen Kabinett 2012
94  Wine Advocate 
The Wine Advocate 94 "Along with the 2012 Wiltinger Alte Reben the 2012 Piesporter Goldtröpfchen Riesling Kabinett is probably the best buy from St. Urbans-Hof of the vintages 2012 and 2013. Sourced from an old and warm 2-hectare block that was never reallocated and consolidated (flurbereinigt),

St. Urbans-Hof Ockfener Bockstein Kabinet 2015
"Elderflower, lilac, violet, and rose are the floral notes attributed to these wines along with the aforementioned smoky minerality. These Ockfener Bocksteins are the most refined and playful of St. Urbans-Hof's wines."-Winemakers Notes  "For our family, wine has been at the heart of life for

St. Urbans-Hof Riesling 'Old Vine' QBA 2015
90  Wine Spectator 
Wine Spectator 90"A juicy white, with red currant and plum flavors dominating this off-dry style. Hints of spice and cranberry show on the effusively fruity finish."~KM

St. Urbans-Hof Riesling 'Old Vine' QBA 2014
90  Wine & Spirits 
Wine & Spirits 90 "Spicy acidity gives this rich, fruity QbA an elegant line, wending through the peach, mango and pineapple flavor with persistence and drive. The focus is impressive, and the wine ends clean, ready for a holiday meal with turkey and all the trimmings."  "This German Riesling

St. Urbans-Hof Ockfener Bockstein Kabinet 2014
90  Wine & Spirits 
Wine & Spirits 90 "You have to like floral whites to like this riesling, it’s so heady in its minty, herbal flavors. If you do, you’re likely to find it well balanced with its ripe green plum fruit, the acidity adding cucumber crispness."  Wine Advocate 90 "The 2014 Ockfener Bockstein Kabinett

St. Urbans-Hof Riesling 'Old Vine' QBA 2013
"Fresh doesn’t even describe this wine! It is full of apple aromas and flavors, with a hint of currant, and savory while juicy. Vibrant, clean and balanced are the buzz words here. Taste the crisp minerality given by the slate soils of the Mosel region of Germany. It leaves a mouthwatering

St. Urbans-Hof Ockferner Bockstein Spatlese 2012
96  Wine Spectator 
Wine Spectator 96 "Racy, with laserlike focus to the ethereal flavors of quince, fresh-cut apple, cherry and currant. Very pure and vibrant midpalate, showing plenty of jellied citrus notes. The finish resonates with mint and savory herb accents that are intense and complex. Drink now through 2045.

St. Urbans-Hof Ockferner Bockstein Kabinet 2012
90  Stephen Tanzer 
Stephen Tanzer 90 "Delicate aromas of apricot, clove, pine nuts and lemon oil. The alluring tropical fruit flavors are nicely balanced by crisp, clear, spicy acidity on the palate. Refreshing, captivating, long finish. One of the top kabinetts of the vintage."  Wine Spectator 89 "Aromas and

St. Urbans-Hof Piesport Goldtropfchen Spatlese 2011
92  Wine Spectator 
Wine Spectator 92"Rich and spicy, with a caressing mouthful of white chocolate, ripe peach and baked apple flavors, supported by moderate acidity. Finishes with passion fruit and honeydew melon. Drink now through 2030. 500 cases made."~KM

St. Urbans-Hof Ockferner Bockstein Kabinet 2011
90  Wine Spectator 
Empire Wine Best ValueWine Spectator 90"Rich-tasting, with spiced apple and ripe peach flavors accented by tropical fruit notes. Hints of almond show on the minerally and well-structured finish. Drink now through 2028. 2,500 cases made."–KM

St. Urbans Hof Ockfener Bockstein Auslese 2009 375ml
94  Wine Advocate 
Wine Advocate 94 "From fruit Nik Weis says was virtually botrytis-free, his St. Urbans-Hof 2009 Ockfener Bockstein Riesling Auslese (from the Zickelgarten) smells predictably of orange, grapefruit, and apple, here in marmalade, pink, and jellied forms respectively, wreathed as well in musky

St.Urbans Hof Piesport Goldtropfchen Kabinett 2009
91  Wine Spectator 
Wine Spectator 91"This complex white features stone, herb and bouillon aromas that complement its fig, anise and lime flavors. Cohesive, persistent and long, with a savory aftertaste. Drink now through 2024. 500 cases made."

St.Urbans Hof Piesport Goldtropfchen Spatlese 2009
93  Wine Spectator 
Wine Spectator 93"Displays very spicy aromas, with a hint of flowers and savory elements. This is firm and tight, offering the vivid structure that drives its raisin, cinnamon and nutmeg flavors. Finishes with a flourish of apple and slate. Drink now through 2030. 500 cases made."

St. Urbans - Hof Riesling QBA 2012
90  Wine Spectator 
Wine Spectator 90WS TOP 100 2014 Rank 60"This version is richly spiced and filled with luscious flavors of glazed apricot, ripe melon and peach cobbler. Shows minerally notes, offering a finish of golden raisin and nutmeg. Drink now through 2016. 10,000 cases made." –KM