Tenuta La Pergola

The story of this cuvée began in a simple trattoria. Dixon and Kermit were on their way to Alba when they stopped for lunch. They were served a pitcher of Arneis that pleasantly surprised them and got the address of the producer. When they visited, they tasted several cuvées of Monferrato Rosso. It has quickly become a staff favorite, not only for its smooth earthiness and genuine regional typicity, but also for its versatility in pairing with a wide variety of dishes. As the newest addition of the Selected and Blended by Kermit Lynch line, we have high hopes for this everyday cuvée, because it has the finesse of a much grander D.O.C. Kermit says that it reminds him of the Piedmontese wines of old. Simple label, low price, totally satisfying!

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Tenuta La Pergola Monferrato Rosso 2015
"A wine with the body, acidity, and character to complement a wide range of foods and we hope it will become your everyday red wine. Notice the finesse, the perfume, the balance. Saturated with berry fruit, floral aromatics, and earthy nuances . . . rare in our experience in wines at this price."
Item Number: 27502