Thibaud Boudignon

Thibaud Boudignon is unquestionably one of the most exciting figures in wine today. Originally from Bordeaux, he honed his winemaking craft while working at Philipe Charlopin in Gevrey-Chambertin during the early 2000s. He was shortly thereafter hired by Savennières producer Chateau Soucherie to be their winemaker in the late 2000s. His first and most important contribution to the estate was the introduction of strict organic practices in the vineyards which, along with his immense winemaking skills, elevated this already historic domaine to new heights. It was in 2009 that he began to make wine under his own name from a scant 3.5 ha in the heart of Anjou and Savennieres. Knowing that the quality of his fruit was of most importance, he committed himself absolutely to the health of his vines, choosing to farm organically and spend the majority of his time in the vineyards. His devotion paid off quickly, for in just a few vintages, his name began to circulate among Loire growers, eventually to top restaurants in Paris, and finally overseas. The speed at which he has garnered so much praise speaks to the remarkable quality of his wines.

It is wines like these that make us remember why we love this business. Just when you think you've had the best a region has to offer, a new discovery comes along to rock your world. Boudignon is such a discovery, with wines that speak so clearly of their place of origin. It is in this writer's humble opinion, that there is no greater dry Chenin Blanc being made in the world today. Period.

Farming Practice:Practicing Biodynamic

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Thibaud Boudignon Rose de Loir Rose 2018
The Wine A 100% Cabernet Franc Rosé, with great tension on the mouthfeel and finishes with that crisp dry sensation we all enjoy. The vineyards used for the Rosé de Loire AOC bottling are 35 years of age and planted in shallow rows of sand, grey schist, and rhyolite which is a volcanic soil. The

Thibaud Boudignon Rose de Loir Rose 2017
The Wine 80% Cabernet Franc, 20% Grolleau from 25+ year old vines. Shallow soils of grey schist and rhyolite (volcanic soil) and clay. Vinified with Indigenous yeast fermentation and No malolactic fermentation.  Direct press rosé Aged in stainless steel A noble, supremely saline rosé.