Torres Pazo

In 1870, when the Torres family founded its wine-making and exporting company, they understood the importance of both respecting traditions and maintaining the utmost quality of their products. Today, thanks to this hundred year old commitment, Bodegas Torres is a strong leader in the Spanish wine and brandy industry.

Torres 'Pazo das Bruxas' Albarino 2016
“Brilliant yellow with a greenish edge. Intensely aromatic with white floral, citrus and white peach notes. Accessible, sweet and hedonistic upon entry. Notable for its clean acidity, which carries through on the midpalate. Long and persistent on the finish.” ~Winery Notes
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Torres 'Pazo das Bruxas' Albarino 2015
"Brilliant, limpid, pale yellow. Fragrant on the nose, offering perfumed and citrus notes coupled with fruit aromas (white peach) over a touch of minerality characteristic of the terroir. Sweet upon entry, followed by a fresh, clean evolution across the palate and a long, elegant finish." ~Winery

Torres 'Pazo das Bruxas' Albarino 2014
"Pazo das Bruxas is a wine that pays homages to the folklore and nature of Galicia, a land of immense forests inhabited by mystic and magical beings like the Galician witches who lived in old country houses (pazos) where they would connect with nature through dances and spells to obtain the best

Torres 'Pazo das Bruxas' Albarino 2013
"An intensely aromatic wine displaying distinctive fruit notes (green apple and lemon peel) with clean undertones of hay. Fresh on the palate, sweet and soft upon entry and culminating in a long, elegant finish." ~ Winery Notes