Tuffo first released an Amarone in 1959. Their Amarone is obtained from the choicest bunches of grapes, which are harvested by hand, separated as not to touch and left to dry in wooden racks for 90 days. During this drying process, called appassimento, the water within the grapes evaporates, leaving concentrated fruit extract inside each grape. After this raisining, the grapes loose up to 30 - 40 % of their weight, and increase their sugar extracts by 25 - 30%. At the end of January the grapes are pressed and left to ferment for 25 - 30 days.

Tuffo Amarone della Valpolicella 2014
" An intensely flavored dry red wine made from dried (passito) grapes. It is made in the Veneto region of northeastern Italy, and is arguably the region's most prestigious red wine. " ~ Winery notes

Tuffo Amarone 2013
Vibrant fragrances of currant, blackberries and sweet almonds. Warm and rich, with subtle hints of Vanilla.

Tuffo Amarone 2011
The Tuffo Amarone is deep ruby-red in color. The nose is lively with scents of dark berries, currants, vanilla and almonds. An elegant, full-bodied wine with both a robust fruitiness and nicely structured tannins, followed by a persistent finish. An excellent pairing with roasts, braised meats, and