Umberto Cesari

Umberto Cesari 'Riserva' Sangiovese Di Romagna 2011
"The Sangiovese grape from Emilia-Romagna produces winethat matures more quickly and possesses a richer fragrance than Tuscan Sangiovese. Umberto Cesari Sangiovese Riserva is vinified at low temperatures in stainless steel and aged in Slavonian and Italian oak barrels. An aromatic blend with notes

Umberto Cesari 'Riserva' Sangiovese Di Romagna 2009
"This wine is a bright, ruby color, tending toward garnet, with a bouquet highlighted by mountain flowers and explosive fruitiness. The taste is rich, smooth, dry, and slightly tannic with a harmonious long finish.." ~ Winery notes

Umberto Cesari 'Riserva' Sangiovese Di Romagna 2008
"The aroma is vinous, intense, with a touch of violet. The flavour is dry, ample, rich and a little tannic.  The selected large Sangiovese clone vine-stocks which are behind this red wine are cultivated in the appropriate growing areas belonging to properties in the hills surrounding Castel San