Venta Morales

"Venta Morales is project between Jorge Ordóñez and Rafael Cañizares with the goal of producing the highest quality entry level wine possible from young leased vineyards planted near Casa de los Pinos that the partners control.
Dry farmed and planted on trellis, the Tempranillo is vinified in stainless steel in order to retain the freshness and aromatic fruit of the local clones of Tempranillo."

Venta Morales 'Organic' Tempranillo 2017
"Grapes come from 30 to 50 year old Tempranillo vines planted in Calcareous Limestone and clay with sand and slate in the Eastern side of D.O. La Mancha. Scant rainfall in this Mediterranean climate force the vines to 'go deep'. The extensive roots offer more complexity to the fruit and to the
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Venta Morales Tempranillo 2017
"The vines are growing in the vaso system. The grapes are carefully hand harvest and transported in small boxes to prevent bruising of the grapes. The one foot deep topsoil is composed of sand and red clay blended with chunks of pure chalk. Underneath the soil is composed of a mixture of sand and
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