Vipra was created to share stories, experiences, and develop relationships. It was developed as a sweet wine category to often mixed with fruit and fruit juices, I'll brand that best reflects it's personality, and keeping it simple.

With cocktails in mind, The VIPRA Hiss, VIPRA Spritz, and VIPRA Bite were created for the pure enjoyment of taste.

Part of the largest wine group in Italy, Gruppo Italiano Vini (GIV), this Sweet Red is for all age groups who enjoy wine, cocktails, and partying. Created in Emilia Romagna, the heart of Lambrusco, Vipra has tradition behind it from this region, and high quality fruit which is not the case in most Sweet wine; in particular, Sweet reds.

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Vipra Rosso Dolce Sweet Red NV
"Get The Bite" Sweet Italian Temptation! A Story, Experience, and Authenticity all wrapped up in this sweet, ripe red. Lively and succulent, 7% alcohol, fruity red chilled with friends and food, or mix it with fruit and fruit juices. This is a crowd pleaser at parties, on the beach, or just