Weinstock and 'By W' by Weinstock celebrate the California lifestyle! California has always had a special allure about it – often known for sun,sand, and a relaxed lifestyle. But for Winemaker Joe Hurliman, the allure is the amazing and diverse climate, perfect for growing a wide variety of grapes. The Weinstock label celebrates this diversity, producing young, vibrant, fruit-forward wines, ready to be enjoyed today.

Taking that focus on California to the next level, the Weinstock Cellar Select line is very appellation focused, highlighting specific growing regions throughout the state. Sourcing the ideal area for each varietal gives Winemaker Joe Hurliman the highest quality grapes, and in turn, the best product in the bottle.

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Weinstock 'Cellar Select' Cabernet Sauvignon 2011
" From Napa Valley, Weinstock presents a “Cellar Select” fruit driven Cabernet Sauvignon bursting with nuances of oak and displaying notes of plum, rose and cranberry. This dry red Californian possesses mouth-filling medium tannins that course through a full body and exude a blend of rich blackberry

Weinstock 'Cellar Select' Cabernet Sauvignon 2008
" A full bodied wine with aroma notes of cranberry, blackberry and tobacco aligned with a balanced oak bouquet and flavor. This wine was aged in both new and one year old American and French barrels for nearly 18 months. " ~ Winery notes

Weinstock 'Cellar Select' Cabernet Sauvignon 2009
" Smooth and full-bodied, it delivers the cassis, vanilla and blackberry profile that is the hallmark of great Napa Cab. Complex wisps of menthol and anise emerge as the wine is allowed to breathe. Lovely on its own, Weinstock Cellar Select Cabernet Sauvignon also matches with lasagna, roast chicken

Weinstock Red by W 2011
"The grapes for Red by W, which is produced by Weinstock Cellars, have been carefully selected to portray blackberry and pomegranate aromas on the nose with flavors of grenadine and fresh berries followed by a crisp finish. Can accompany barbecued chicken, pizza, or rich, chocolate desserts.Kosher

Weinstock Cabernet Sauvignon 2009
"Fruity, mouth filling and aromatic. Pair with full flavored meat or rich sauced chicken dishes." ~Winery Notes

Weinstock 'Cellar Select' Cabernet Sauvignon 2006
"Fruity, mouth filling and aromatic. Pair with full flavored meat or rich sauced chicken dishes." ~Winery Notes